Monday, November 7, 2016

Project weekend

I took this friday off and Amy is gone doing one of the "girl" things for the weekend so I got a chance to work on a few different projects.  A little work on the Rv-10 elevators, and a little work on the 9A.

My new priming "booth"...well at least the priming table.  I decided to start using the downstairs area to do priming since it smells so strong.  I have lots of room down there but not much light so I purchased 3 new 48" LED lights, a few air fittings, and some new air hose and spent the day Friday putting this together.  I was hoping to do one batch of priming before I quit but by the time I had all of this done I was beat...

Rudder horn riveted on.

Spar doublers and nutplates for the elevator attach bolts riveted on

Counterbalance arms riveted together
Priming session #1 with the new setup complete.  worked nicely!

What the heck is that?  You've seen it before, this is my induction filter housing assembly.  As I mentioned last week I sent my fuel servo off to AirFlowPerformance to get tested, well I got a call from Don and it turns out my servo is flowing on the lean side of the curve.  Exactly opposite of what I expected to hear.  After a brief discussion we came to the conclusion that there must be some air inlet issues if the fuel is correct.  Next step is to see about reworking the inlet and this is the picture I sent to Don showing the current configuration.
As I was riveting the ribs on the elevator skins I had an unusual "blowout".  The rivet must have tipped over and split the dimpled hole.  Oh well, I ordered a new rib from biggie.

All but that final rib ready for the next step.