Sunday, July 29, 2018


Even though I was at Oshkosh, Arlington, and otherwise distracted by the 9 I did get some time in on the 10. 

I started writing this post this morning (Sunday) with the idea that I would be able to finish up one flap and then get the second flap frame riveted together.  Well the second to last picture below is the way things actually ended up today.  I was not able to complete the first flap but I came close.  It was 97 degrees in the shop when I finally called Uncle.  I probably worked about 8 hours on that one flap so maybe by the end of this next week I will have the second flap to this stage....maybe.

Here I am test fitting the flap frame to the wing.  Specifically I am looking at the way the two parts connect.  I am considering some sort of fairing over the flap hinges.

Time to take everything back apart and debur, dimple, and prime those parts that need it.  Look at that pile of parts for one flap!

Ready for final assembly.  The flap frame is riveted together and the leading edge and top skins are cleco'd in place so I can do the final riveting.

This picture and the next show the rig I use to countersink the trailing edge wedges for the ailerons, flaps, elevator and rudder.  I simply used a piece of wedge reversed and screwed to the board with a piece of aluminum as a guide.

Side view of the same setup so you can see it from a different perspective.