Sunday, May 19, 2019

Section 35 and 36 complete

I am done with section 35 (Access Covers and floor Panels) and section 36 (brake lines).  I started section 37 which is the fuel system but quickly ran into a lack of parts.  Since I plan on using electronic fuel injection I need to have a return line.  A return line means more and non standard fuel supply lines and the fittings I purchased a few months ago are not enough.  So, I have an order in to Summit Racing as well as Aircraft Spruce for several more parts.

Its getting toward that part of the build where you don't just follow the instructions quite as much.  I have a back-order with Van's that is supposed to ship at the end of this month.  That order includes a few parts I need to finish up section 34 as well as start on the firewall (finishing kit).  In the mean time there are a number of things to do including section 38 (rudder pedals and brake system), section 39 (control systems) and section 40 (flaps).  I suspect those three sections will keep me busy for the better part of a month or two.  Once those are done its time to start buttoning the fuselage up but as I said the plans get pretty vague at this point and I have lots of modifications planned so it's going to take longer than I would want.  :-)

Here are a couple of pics of the progress this past week.

Here you can see the fuel supply line going from the fuel valve down to the fuel pumps and then forward to the firewall.

Brake lines installed and torqued.