Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fuel System aft of the firewall

As I've mentioned before I am planning on installing the SDS EM-5/6 electronic fuel injection system in my airplane.  This weekend I took some time to try to finish up the fuel system aft of the firewall and while I think I have it mostly complete there are still a few steps to be completed.

The line on the right is the supply line coming from the fuel tank.  In this line I have a ball valve and a holey filter.  The ball valve will be lock wired open but will allow me to isolate the fuel filter from the fuel tank when it comes time to inspect the filter.  The middle line is the return line from the duplex valve to the tank.  The line on the left is the brake line.

I had to drill a new penetration hole for the return line.  This gives you an idea of where it is in relation to the other two lines and the control rod.

Interestingly enough you may notice that the return lines run up and over the control tube.  I've seen others put 90 degree elbows in and run the line straight down and then aft to the bulkhead fitting.  I tried that but found that it could interfere with the forward and aft motion of the controls.  Its really hard to tell right now since I don't have the tail feathers installed which means I don't know the exact location of the stops.  This seemed to be a good alternative.