Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wiring harness - Part 1

I finished up the tail feather work (mostly the fairings) and started on a few other tasks.  Mostly my time has been spent working on the wiring harness for the avionics.  This is one task I had done by SteinAir on the 9A and was looking forward to on the 10.  I've got waaaay too many hours in design and now the beginning of fabrication but so far I am enjoying the heck out of the project.

I started out by installing a few of the sub-panel parts as well as the VPX Pro and associated fuse panels.

Then I did a little measuring for lengths of wire runs.

A little more measuring..

A few photo's for connector orientation...

Then I took a piece of 1/4" plywood I had laying around and started laying out some wire runs.  I used Velcro loops and tape to get the basic layout.  Then I started with the power wires.  Here you can see most, but not all, power wires being run.

Here we are with most of the red power wires, most of the black ground wires, and a few of the white data runs.  Still no connectors and not even all of the data runs yet.