Sunday, March 7, 2021

Wings and things

 The endless list of tasks to be completed got a little shorter this past couple of weeks.  Some of the big items included mounting both wings, setting the incidence, fitting the wing root fairings, a little finish wiring, and fabricating the wing fuel supply and return lines.  I also fabricated the fuel tank vents but added a small modification to those. 

I read back through my blog from about 6 years ago when I was going through this same stage with the 9A and found that I'm actually further along now than I was when I took the 9A to the airport.  I regretted taking the 9A to the airport because that meant a lot of traveling to get it ready for flight.  This time I am going to have pretty much everything done that I can before it goes to the airport.

For big picture items yet to be done before we go to the airport I have the following:

  • Fit the wheel pants
  • Fit the interior pieces
  • fit and cover the overhead panels
  • several miscellaneous wiring tasks.
  • hooking up the heater servo's.
  • finish the interior of the cowling with some primer and heat shielding.
  • Install the rubber baffling material on the baffles
  • A few interior panels need to be primed and painted.
  • Install seat belts

There are a lot of individual items in that list so its going to be a bit until I am ready to go to the airport.

Ben was a huge help when mounting my wings and of course it wouldn't be right if he didn't hop in and make some airplane noises.  :-)

Finishing up the wing root connector for the left wing.

This is my little modification to the standard vent line.  The black piece you see in the middle of the vent is a vacuum breaker.  The idea is that if the vent line becomes blocked by ice/debris the vacuum breaker will allow venting of the tanks so the fuel continues to flow.

Ben took this picture of me working in the wing root area.  Only one wing at a time would fit in the garage so we finished up this wing, then removed it, turned the airplane around, and did the left wing.  Worked great.