Sunday, May 2, 2021

The big move is in the books

 Saturday morning was a big day for N88DA!  The day started very early for me (2AM) when my brain kicked in and starting considering all the things I had to do before the "crew" arrived.  At about 6 AM I was headed out to buy donuts for the crew....and me...and Amy.  :-)

At just before 9AM people started showing up.  First was Harry and Bob followed closely by Jeff, Ben and Randy.  We gathered around the donuts and coffee (not nearly enough donuts were eaten) to strategize for this mornings activities.  "Should the trailer face this way or that way?"  "what about getting out of the neighborhood?"  "Do we have enough blankets and tie downs?"... one by one we figured it all out as you will see from the pictures below.

A really big thanks to Harry, Jeff, Ben, Randy and Bob for what turned out to be a very exciting and successful trip to KPLU (Puyallup airport)!!

Clutter cleared out and the first movement out of the garage.

Down the driveway...

Prepping the trailer.

Waiting in the street for loading

Harry seems to be saying..."Is that thing going to fit???"

Yup, it fit. Now we have to tie it down...and load the various parts that are going with it.

The "Crew"...Amy took the picture...and a video of the process.  Plane tied down and parts loaded in the various 5 vehicles that were part of the parade to the airport.

Guess who!

On the road!

At the airport where it took much less time to undo everything we just did at home.

First "landing" at KPLU!

Parked in the hangar where the rest of the magic happens.

Figured I might as well get the wings hung since we have all these hands around.

Wings on with temporary bolts!

The "wing" crew.....looks a lot like the transfer crew minus the photographer.  :-)

At the end of the day Bob and Harry hung around to help install the tail feathers.  It finally looks like a complete airplane!