Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lots of elevators today

Today I spent some time getting the right elevator ready for final epoxy on the trailing edge.  This required me to insert the AEX wedge, clamp the two skins together, and then drill the holes perpendicular to the elevator cord line.  Vans very  thoughtfully included a diagram that allowed me to cut a small wooden block that I used as a guide for drilling these holes.  You can see that block and me drilling the holes in the pictures below.

Match drilling trailing edge with templated block.

Ready to epoxy the trailing edge

Starting on the left elevator.  This one is harder because of the trim tab.
My semi-clever idea for holding the AEX wedge at the correct angle for machine counter-sinking.  I used the AEX wedge from the practice kit and glued it to this block with a backing board.