Thursday, May 16, 2013

Phase 2 started today

No pictures to show today but I did make the trek down to Van's in Aurora Oregon to pick up my wing kit.  Left bright and early this morning, had a nice traffic free drive both down and up and was back home having lunch with Amy by 1:30 pm.  Amy, with her super human strength, was able to help me unload the trailer.  These boxes are large and heavy, in the range of 300 lbs and 15 feet long for one of them.  The other is shorter but wider and deeper so it was a fun challenge to get them unloaded.

Short of that, I was able to finish up the deburring, dimpling and priming of the left elevator with the remaining time in the evening.  I was outside priming as I watch some dark thunder bumpers roll in so I pushed a little hard to get the primer on the pieces and then get them back in the garage before the skies opened up.

Finally, I re-arranged the shop a little because Amy is having one of two garage sales tomorrow so I had to convert the hanger back into a garage, or at least part of it.

So, starting this weekend I will officially be on phase two, the wings.  How long do you think it will take me?  I am planning for at least 6 months but it may take longer.