Monday, May 20, 2013

My time estimation sux

Here it is Monday night and my last post said I would be working on the wings by now.  Well, I still haven't opened the crates yet but I am getting close.  The last few days have been kinda slow while I worked on the elevators.  After inspecting the work of the elevators and the trim tab and finding them safe for operation I did manage to finish up the right elevator and I finished up the left elevator with the exception of the trim tab.  That's where the problem lies.  I have read so many other builders stories about how the trim tab was the most problematic that I have decided to take it reaaaaaly slow and read every account I could find on how people completed the task successfully.  Many of the blogs, in fact probably the majority have had issues and had to re-order the trim tab components.  Van's even has a special line item purchase because there are so many people messing this up.  I don't want to be one of those people and knock on wood I think I am past the worst of it.  I've done all the bending of the trailing edge and the ends.  I have have drilled out the hinge, riveted the spar to the bottom of the trim tab, and now I am ready to Proseal (glue) the foam inserts into the tab and move on.  We shall see how it all ends but so far I am hopeful.

right elevator completed. Here you can see how strait the trailing edge came out.  Perfect!

Left elevator all buttoned up except for the trim tab which goes in that little indent in the trailing edge.

This is a picture of me using my inspection camera to view the rivets inside the elevator as I was bucking them.  This little camera on a stick was a gift from Amy that has come in VERY handy numerous times.

Here is a view of me inserting the camera into the leading edge where the work is being done.  If you look closely you can see the "bucking bar on a stick" sticking out from the channel. Square tube.
Here you see the trim tab after I had riveted the spar to the bottom of the skin.  I point this out because I was able to use the longeron yoke for my squeezer to reach inside and squeeze these rivets rather than use a traditional bucking bar and risk damaging the top skin.  The longeron yoke is the black "C" shaped end on my pneumatic rivet squeezer sitting on the bottom of the picture.

another shot of the tab with the spar riveted in.

The final storage place for the elevators with the right elevator already hung.