Friday, August 9, 2013

Rivets that refuse to set.. or maybe its the riveter!

The last few days have been pretty detail oriented.  I have prepped and installed the aileron brackets, prepped and installed the flap brackets (with some notable exceptions) and installed the wing gap fairing.  I am now working on the ailerons.  The flap brackets proved to be a bit of a challenge since my 3x rivet gun does not fit into the spacing between the wing ribs with enough room for me to get my hand on it.  I tried a couple of rivets with poor outcomes so I have now ordered a couple of new tools.  First I ordered a small single offset rivet set that is shorter than the double offset I am using now, and second I ordered some rubber caps that go over the rivet set to help keep it centered on the head of the rivet.  The problem I was having was that the rivet set was "walking" across the top of the rivet and smashing it flat.  Lets hope the new tools solve that issue so I can get the last few rivets set in the flap brackets.

The new shop layout.  The wings are in the mobile cart that Dad and I built.
Oh yea, I installed the black wiring tubes as well.  What a pain!

Aileron bracket riveted in place.

Its hard to see but if you look closely you will see the fishing line that runs from the outer flap bracket to the inner flap bracket and is centered on the middle bracket nicely.

drilling out the top hole in one of the angles that supports the flap brackets.

Wing gap fairings installed and riveted.

Starting on the ailerons.  Here the counterbalance is cleco'd to the forward ribs.  The tape is holding in a rivet that I used to keep the counterbalance centered on the rib.  Vans tells us to use a temporary pop rivet but those never work quite as advertised.