Sunday, August 4, 2013

We're baaaaaack!

Yep, Dad and I got back from Oshkosh last night and it was a bitter sweet moment for me.  I have been so looking forward to going that it was a sorrowful moment when I got off the plane and realized that it was over.  That was the bitter part, the sweet part was how much fun it was to go!  Wow, what a life, airplanes, airplanes and more airplanes.  The week started on Tuesday evening when we arrived.  I hadn't planned on doing much more than getting the lay of the land but we ended up staying for about 5 hours.  I think Dad was in airplane overload by the time we left.

Dad and I attended classes on the DAR inspection, performance tuning, a couple on painting, fiberglass, composite construction, and a few more that we only sat in on for a short time.  I got to meet Sam James from James Aircraft and Klaus Savier from Light Speed during a couple of the sessions.  Both are very interesting people.  Klaus showed a picture of a carbon fiber sump that he built for his plane.  I want!

We watched the daily air show only peripherally.  I had so many places I need to go and things to see that I pretty much ran Dad ragged.  We finally rented a scooter for him to use because the Whitmann airport grounds are huge!

Anyway, I didn't spend as much money as I thought I might (a good thing) but I did get a few items and most importantly I gained a ton of knowledge.  I did have one disappointment that was completely my fault or at least my lack of knowledge.  I didn't get to see all of the RV's that were there.  In fact I didn't go out to look at the home built lot until Thursday morning thinking I had all week.  Well I guess many people show up early and leave early so by the time I got to tour the lot about 40% were gone.  Oh well, live and learn.

Below are a few pictures I took.  Certainly not all but a few.
This says it all

Dad on his hot rod after I wore him out with my enthusiasm... and need to see everything at once

The AOPA sweepstakes aircraft for this year.

My favorite session...assembling a Lycoming engine.

I took this shot for those rare people out there that might be interested in a whirly bird.

The new Velocity twin.  Maybe my next airplane?

Interior of the Velocity twin.

Front view of the Velocity twin.

Half car, half airplane, but not really good at either.

Jet Man on his decent after running out of fuel.

Lots of formation flying was done..I only got a few pics because they don't come out very good.

Klaus Savier during his engine tuning lecture.

Not a great picture but this is the carbon fiber sump Klaus built.... 2 lbs!!

Sam James during his RV fiberglass talk.

Sam at work.

Nice Velocity I met the owner of.

My cowl.