Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tails has it

Tonight was one of those nights when some exciting stuff happens.  As you will see below I took the first steps in getting the horizontal stabilizer installed.  I had to fit the elevators first and that took some time drilling some pivot points and the holes where the elevator push rod will connect.  Anyway see the pictures below.

One of the holes I had to drill was through the bearing you see in the picture.  To protect the bearing I had to make a bushing that fit the 1/4inch hole yet had a hole big enough to drill through.  I don't have any bushings so I was stumped until I remembered that I have some left over 1/4 inch tubing.  So, I cut a small piece and cleaned it up enough that it slid nicely into the hole.  Worked like a charm!

Here is the Horizontal Stabilizer with the left elevator attached.  This is what I was working on most of the evening...drilling holes, adjusting the fit, and other little tasks.

Here it is!  The Horizontal Stabilizer is clamped to the fuselage for the first time!

Another view.  wow, there is still a lot of work to do on the tail!