Sunday, February 2, 2014

Half time!

Yep its halftime of the Superbowl and the Seahawks are kicking Denvers butt!  Sooo, its also a good time to update the airplane status.  Lots of time in the garage and very little visible to show for it but here goes anyway.

Saturday I went over to help Mark mount his wings on his Glasair.  Big difference between the RV and his Glasair but it was sure fun working on a 'glass airplane for a while.

I finally got my electric fuel pump mounted as well as the new Andair fuel valve.  The full pump is bolted to the cover and then reinforced under with some .063 angle trimmed to allow the brake lines and wiring run to go safely under the pump.  Slowly starting to look like a cockpit.

I decided it was time to mount the control linkages.  At first I thought I would just bolt them in but as I got to working I just kept going and finished them up.  I still have to cut the sticks down a bit and install the grips.  

In an effort to finish up a few tasks on the wings before I rivet the lower skins on I went ahead and installed the access cover on the bottom of the leading edge.  This cover is suppose to give you access to the stall warning sensor but I am not installing it.  Hmm, maybe I can rig up a camera in the same location?