Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The title says it all...

There is a long story that goes with all these pictures but that will have to wait for another post.  Jeff Bloomquist and Harry Nelson both spent the day with me, prepping the airplane, calming my nerves, and recording this event.  The photo's below are courtesy of Jeff and Harry video'd the whole thing from the ground.  I will link that video soon.

Stunning picture of N1605A in flight

Fueling up and calibrating the left fuel tank.  Me in my knit stocking cap (it was darn cold!) kneeling on the wing and Harry running the pump.

The run-up prior to take-off

If you look close you can see me sitting on the runway (just above the 34).  Jeff took this picture while circling above waiting for me.

Look Ma, I'm sitting on the mountain Range

The obligatory and mandatory RV grin

Same grin, just more airplane.

Me looking over at Jeff in flight beside me.

The red lines are the flight path I took for first flight.  In the middle of all that is Pierce county airport.  I was always within gliding distance if my engine were to have quit.

My Airworthiness certificate and log book endorsement.

The morning view on the day of first flight.  Sunrise imminent.

Post first flight, Harry and Jeff working on the after flight inspection and trouble-shooting some fouled plugs.