Sunday, March 1, 2015

The moment of truth...

Well folks, it looks like we are just about done with the building.  This week I finished up all of the pre-inspection tasks (and many of the pre-first flight tasks) on N1605A.  Harry and Jeff both helped me immensely with the list and I actually think they are almost as excited about seeing her fly as I am!  Jeff made an initial inspection pass and found a few things that I needed to fix before inspection.  Then Harry made a pass and found a few more.  Both Jeff and Harry also spent considerable time fixing, tightening, and adjusting things.  Finally Marv Scott came out and did a final tech counselor inspection and he found a few things!  So now I am pretty comfortable that I will pass the FAA inspection that is scheduled for Monday at 2 pm!  What does this all mean?  Well if I pass that inspection the next step will be to reassemble the airplane and go flying!  Hopefully my next blog post will be the one I have been waiting to write for most of my life.  The realization of a dream come true.

Harry pulling N1605A back to the hangar after a visit to the compass rose to calibrate the magnetometer.

Different view of Harry and the "Tug"

My final tech counselor inspection report.
This weeks task list...