Sunday, March 29, 2015

Phase 1 is complete!

Well, I guess this officially ends the building phase of this least for this airplane... ;-)

This week I finished up the testing and flight time on N1605A.  It is now officially legal to carry passengers.  The current status is pretty good with the engine running smoothly albeit still not at full horsepower.  The airplane is flying well and feels light but solid at the controls.  And most importantly its just a blast to fly!

I still have lots of little details to work on including little things like paint!  There is still a bit of fiberglass work to do which is mostly sanding and priming and the dreaded pin hole filling.

That said, here are a few pictures of this week.  I find I don't think to take pictures much while I am flying but here is what I have taken, and a few that were taken by others.

A first for me...this is Jeff's RV-7A and my RV-9A sitting outside of the Bremerton airport restaurant.  My first multi-plane adventure!  Jeff and I flew out for breakfast and then did a quick tour of the north side of Seattle before buzzing down the east side on our return to Puyallup.
Not nearly as good as Jeff's in flight pictures but here he is as we are flying along the north end of Seattle.

A shot of the Cascades.

Mt Rainier.

The Olympics.

That house at the forward edge of my wing tip is Brandi and Josh's house.  Its the one with the circle in the middle of the field.  I'm pretty sure thats Brandi's horse corral.  
And finally Jim flew over in his Cherokee.  This is him off of my wing tip after I flew out to meet him.  We flew back into the Seattle area together and then landed at Renton.  He was spending the weekend in the area.

A shot of Jim's airplane from below.
Stole this picture from Jim.  This is me as we were flying back.  This is the only picture I think I have of the airplane with the wheel pants and gear leg fairings on.