Monday, July 11, 2016

Arlington 2016

This year the Arlington fly-in was a lot of fun.  We almost cancelled the trip due to rain forecast but on the day we were suppose to go we decided to brave it.  We have great tents, and the weather actually cooperated during the day so the hard rain we had at night didn't impact the camping trip at all.  The forecast did limit the number of people that showed up, particularly the pilot crowd that normally flies in.  Here are a few pics.

Jeff at KPLU during the run-up before takeoff

Tents set up and airplanes tied down...15 minutes later the evening rain started.  Perfect timing!

Another picture as the rains start moving our way.

The lights were pretty so I tried to take a picture with my iPhone.  Didn't turn out great especially since my flash went off.

Not much better without the flash but its not quite as grainy.
Trying to be creative to capture the cool cloud formations with the 9A in the foreground.

Another shot of the clouds.  Ok so its really not about the clouds but they prompted the picture...

Morning coffee going on day three without a razor...You can tell we had sun by the red nose.
I decided to have the airplane judged this year now that it's painted.  Turns out I won a Champion award!  Very happy with that.
Finally, Lane (Jeff's son) took this selfie as Jeff and I were formed up on the return trip home.