Sunday, July 17, 2016

Prepping for Oshkosh

This week I have been busy prepping the airplane (and myself) for the annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh.  As with last year Jeff and I will be flying together to the show.  Martin will be riding over with me but he has to be back by a specified time so he won't be coming back with me.

Anyway, this week I planned on doing a little injector nozzle tuning under the tutelage of Don Rivera from AirFlow Performance.  I purchased 4 new restrictor nozzles that are suppose to replace the nozzles I already have in the engine.  Well as luck would have it I have some very old injectors in my engine and they don't have adjustable nozzles.  So I have ordered 4 new injectors as well.  I took a little time and cleaned my existing injectors just in case the new ones don't arrive in time for the trip.

The GPS and chart databases are all updated as of today and the airplane is loaded with the exception of our clothes.  I think we are ready.

I forgot to take pictures but I also finished painting the back wall of the hangar.  Work on the walls is done and now I need to focus on the door insulation.

Top of tail perspective.  Very cool!
Top of the tail perspective - PANO