Monday, July 11, 2016

Golf in Montana

You frequently hear RV's being referred to as "Time Machines"...well here is a post that explains why.  :-)

A couple of weekends ago Harry, Jeff and I decided to go golfing...RV style.  So we loaded up, flew to Montana, golfed 9 holes with my Dad, and then flew home in time to have a few beers at the hangar.  Now figure the drive to Montana from here is about 6.5 hours; that's 13 hours round trip and not a lot of fun.  Flying we were able to do the entire trip in barely over 6.5 hours including lunch and 9 holes of golf.

After landing in Superior Montana

Jeff looking for his ball....ok, not really, he was taking a picture of the old train trestle that spans the St Regis river.  You can see the trestle in the background.

Thirsty airplanes fueling up for the return flight.