Tuesday, February 14, 2017

3d printer

I mentioned last week that I had purchased a 3D printer.  Well this week I got a chance to try it out.  In fact since I purchased it its been printing day and night!  I'm pretty impressed with it but it did come with two broken plastic clips that hold the bed down.  I emailed their support and they replied within an hour with a promise to send me new parts and also included a file that I could use to print my own parts!  So the first picture below is the first of two parts that I printed.

On Sunday Jeff and Martin and I got a chance to fly down to Newport Oregon.  Its a nice little town and a beautiful flight.  I tried to use my new 360 cameras that I purchased for some VR stuff but I'm not 100% of the quality of the images.

Printing the parts needed to fix the printer.

My first self designed part in the printer.

Here is the finished part...12 hours later...

Nice sunrise again for our flight on Sunday.

Martin in his RV-4 off the left wingtip as we fly up the Oregon coast

Jeff over the Puget Sound as we approached Tacoma.  You can see the Tacoma bridge in the background just in front of Jeff.