Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CNC assembly begins and yes...another flight.

This week Jeff, Martin and I flew down to Tillamook to visit the blimp hangars.  We were aware that there used to be a museum there and were surprised to find that it is still there.

Work on the CNC is progressing and I'm enjoying working in the warm house.  I've basically completed the structure and now I'm researching the electronics.  The kit doesn't have much for instructions when it comes to the electronics.

A pile of CNC parts.

The pile gets smaller but structure starts to form.  In this picture I found that they had sent me the wrong size support beams (the cross member in the middle of the picture)

Squaring things up a bit.

Gantry installed.  At this point things are moving very smoothly.  You can see where I have the Y axis stepper motors installed but no belt yet.

And here we see all four stepper motors are installed as are the belts that they use to move.  One of the two spindle mounts that I printed up is installed and the support crossmembers are installed (after a trip to the table saw).  At this point the main structure is complete except for the spoiler board that acts as the base upon which my project sit.  Now its on the the electronics.

Jeff sitting in his airplane in front of the guppy.

Not a good perspective to see how big the guppy is but still a pretty cool picture.  That building in the background is a blimp hangar from 70 years ago!  It was huge, and it houses a small aviation museum that we didn't know would be open until we walked in an open door.

Martin as he was pulling up to the guppy.

The inside of the guppy.