Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More plastic parts and some flying

Seems like it's been so long between flights lately due to the weather but Jeff and I still managed to get a flight to the San Juans in this past week.  Friday after work looked like a nice day for flying so we saddled up and flew to Lopez Island.  There was  a beautiful sunset on the way home and it was just a gorgeous evening for flying.  The camera just doesn't do it justice.

I also spent a considerable amount of time working with the new 3D printer making some parts and prototypes of parts.  Below you will see a series of pictures of  the new intake that I designed with Solidworks.  So far its looking like it will work but I won't know until I try it.

Oh, I got the new CNC parts today.  Looks like I have a project for the next week or so!

Ok, here is the first part of the new induction.  This part will get bolted to the front of the fuel servo.  It has holes in the sides that I will eventually put some sort of door on that allows me to get alternate air if the intake gets blocked.

Next on the list is a plate that gets bolted to the first part.  The purpose of this piece is to act as a base for the air filter that you can see in a picture further down.  The small lip you see on the top is what the K&N filter will clamp on to.  The ring around the outer edge is for the cone to bolt to.  This part is designed very similar to the James intake I had on the airplane originally.

Attached to the plate is this big cone.  Actually this is only half of the cone.

Here is the bottom half of the cone with the air filter inside.

Another picture of the air filter.  I took this one to explain how the ram air will work.  I need to cut a hole in the top of the filter and then using the top of the cone (see next picture) I can have a butterfly valve to either allow air directly into the servo or to pass down the side of the cone and through the filter before entering the fuel servo.

This is a top down view of the top part of the cone.  Here you can see both the bypasses on the side of the ring, and the ram air inlet in the middle of the ring.

This is a view from the outside of what the entire assembly will look like.  The small hole you see in the middle is for the butterfly valve that I will use to control the ram air flow.

Another top down view.  Here you can see the area of the intake filter that I need to remove to allow bypass air.

Finally here is another part that printed that will be a phone holder Ram mount for the airplane.  I use my phone to take pictures a lot as you all know and I've always wanted a safe place to put my phone that is easy to reach.  This has edges to prevent the phone from slipping but it also has a powerful magnet in the middle that will hold the phone in the cradle without clips.  This works very similar to the magnetic phone holder I use in both the car and the truck.  This still needs some sort of cloth or rubber backing to act as a bit of a cushion.