Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quick update

No pictures for today since there hasn't been much to really show.  However I have been slowly getting through the dimpling and deburring of the center section.  Tonight I hope to have my rivet helper Travis over to finish up the tail cone rivets.  Tomorrow maybe I will get the skin dimpled since that's about all that's left to do before I start the reassembly process.

I wanted to post today because it just dawned on me that I just went over the seven month mark since I started working on this airplane.  I would estimate, based on feedback from good builder friends, that I am about 30% of the way done.  That's a little disappointing to me since I just want to fly but I don't want to rush this and be unsatisfied with the final product so I will keep plodding along as needed.  I am still very happy to be working on the biggest dream (or bucket list item if you will) that I have had since a child.  Its truly a dream come true to be doing this.