Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week of travel, with benefits! (no not that kind)

Just returned from another trip to Portland (training) and had a few surprises waiting for me.  First my cylinders have finally arrived.  Newly rebuilt, ported and flow balanced and looking good as you can see from the pics below.  Second I received my new cold air induction sump in the mail.  Almost ready to put it all together but still missing a few parts such as valve covers, gaskets, push rod tubes, etc.  Hopefully those will come soon.

Oh, I also managed to get all of the tail cone disassembled so I can start the deburring/dimpling process.  Hopefully this weekend I can get things all put back together and maybe even a rivet or two.

Tail cone all disassembled and ready for dimple/deburr

New cylinders in their bag

Hard to see but the ports are ground down for smooth flow.  Harry, if you see this pic tell me what you think of the fitting.

Another shot of the inside of the cylinder head.  this time looking at the valve.

Look at the size of those pistons!

The new cold air induction.  Hard to see but the intake is completely insulated from the oil sump.  Colder air coming in means denser air which equates to more power/efficiency.