Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another week goes by

I just realized that it has been a week since my last post.  With that large of a gap you would think lots got done and while I feel that is true you won't be able to see it by the pictures tonight.  I realized I only have one new picture and that is of the rudder pedals.  I also managed to get the following done...

1. Installed the baggage compartment ribs and one cover on each side.
2. final drilled all fuselage holes.
3. Installed and drilled forward floor stiffeners.  (forgot to take a picture)
4. Travis came over and helped me move the wings and their storage rack.  (see picture below)

One more thing I forgot to mention this week... I ordered my Vertical Power VPX-Sport!  This little device will assist me in making my wiring runs, and its computer controlled so I will have some really neat options.

I didn't get much "plane time" this week but I was able to build the rudder controls including the brake pedals (not shown).  Here is the rudder pedal controls, upside down of course.  
Yep, that's the living room.  Amy even approved it...until she saw how big the wings are.  Now she is asking me when the storage area in the basement is going to be ready.  Not sure why...