Thursday, November 14, 2013

Forward progress once again

Back from our trip to Boston and working on the plane again.  So refreshing!  Anyway tonight I was able to move forward once again.  I finished up the re-work and tweaked the longerongs a little to make them fit a little more closely to the skin.  I did all that with the fuselage sitting upright and then Travis helped me flip it over on its top as the plans call for.  Finally I drilled the longerons to the skin and trimmed the forward end of each longeron to be at least 3/4" from the end of the skin.  Doesn't sound like a lot but thats a lot of holes! See pics below.

I just had to post this picture that I took while in Boston.

Oh yea, I also made the bend at the aft end of the skin to wrap around under the fuselage.  this was not really fun but they turned out pretty goo.

Here is the fuselage after drilling the longerons to the skin.  All thats left is the forward 5 or 5 #30 holes that I will get to next.

This is the fuselage upside down on the saw horses.  Pretty cool under there!