Thursday, February 20, 2014

The hammer falls

Well today was a day for me that most people dread.  We got word that Emeritus (where I work) is merging with Brookdale Senior Living and that the new company will be name Brookdale Senior Living headquartered out of Nashville.  They have a presence in Wisconsin but neither location is high on my lists of places I would like to live.  Amy is not at all interested in moving so it looks like my time to hunt for a new job is coming some time in the next year or so.  The deal is not final and there are a number of roadblocks to be navigated but it was made public today so we are on the road.  I'm actually ok with it since I have been wondering for a while now whether or not 17 years at one company is too long.  I guess now I don't have to wonder any longer.  I have to say that I have loved working at Emeritus and if I do end up moving to another company I will certainly miss the people I have worked with.

On a different note I did spend a few hours in the garage tonight and was able to finish up the horizontal stabilizer attach process.  The final steps required some pretty precise measuring and drilling of holes.  All in all it came out very nice and I am very satisfied.

Probably a little hard to see in this picture but the bolt you see had to be centered on both sets of angle you see in the picture.  I think I nailed this one perfectly on both sides.

The next step has you set the incidence angle on the HS.  Here I am using a 12" drill bit set in the tooling holes to measure the incidence.  This measurement on the forward side and the aft measurement must match.  I can't take much credit for these two matching since it did not involve drilling of holes but I am very happy that it came out perfect.