Sunday, March 23, 2014

One day short of a full year

Yep as of tomorrow it will be one full year since I started this project.  It doesn't seem like its been that long and I have so much more to do before this thing flies!  This week I was busy doing many things and not all of them were airplane related.  I did get quite a few tasks complete as you will see from the pictures.

I riveted the recess housing.  No more cleco's sticking out of the front of the firewall.

Here you see the flap position sensor bolted to the aft flap housing stanchion.  I also glued some cable holders to the inside so that I can run the wires down the inside of the housing.

I drilled and bolted the engine mount to the fuselage...then I promptly removed it so that I can add lots more to the firewall.  This picture doesn't show it but I also mounted the brake reservoir on this side of the firewall.

The co-pilot stick is removable so I added these little spring clips to the stick to make sure it stays in place.  I also drilled and installed the bushings for my stick grips (both sticks). 

Oh yea, I also drilled and set my taper pin for the front gear leg.  The taper pin helps prevent the gear leg from getting loose over time.
Hey, where did that picture come from!??  :-)  This is the nose strut on Harry's Cessna 150 that Amy and I went flying in today!!  Yep, it was Amy's first time flying with me.  She ended up not feeling well during the flight and we are not certain if it was the lunch or the flight.

Ah, here you can see the brake reservoir installed on the firewall.  Also in this picture the front deck is riveted in... finally!

And the last task of the evening was to run the rudder cables.  Sounds easy right?  Well it turned out to be a pain trying to get the rudder cable ends through the plastic grommets that protect the cable from the aluminum where the cables pass through bulkheads and such.