Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stripped, painted and layed-up!

Been a busy week and weekend in the garage.  Remember those pictures a few days ago showing the airplane looking like an airplane?  Well, 'tis no more!  I stripped almost everything removable from the airplane and have been busy prepping for paint in the interior.  Today I started the process and got most of it done.  Probably have to do some touch-up over the next few months as I ding and scratch stuff but I got the majority of it done.

I also had some real fun today!  I made my first vacuum bagged layup of carbon fiber.  My epoxy pump failed in the middle of the process so my resin to hardener mix was off.  We will have to see how well it came out after it hardens for a day or so....if it hardens.  I learned a lot which is great, besides it was just plain fun.

A few pic's of the weeks work.

Oh yea, Travis and Mariah came over for my birthday last week and we made an attempt at putting the right wing on.  We ran into a bit of a problem when the aft spar did not line up exactly with the mount on the fuselage so we removed the wing and I will work on that sometime in the future.

Another picture of the wing on the airplane.

Here it is all stripped and ready for masking tape and plastic.

My makeshift paint booth for painting the interior.

Here we go with the new color.  It looks glossy but the paint is still wet on the bulkhead.  It will actually look more satin when dry.  I don't want the glare of glossy in the cockpit.  No I didn't paint the floors or the seat pans, those will be covered with carpet and seats.

This is my carbon fiber panel layup.  At this point the vacuum has been applied for about 6 hours.  I think I will let it go until bed time tonight to make sure the epoxy is as dry as its going to get.

This is my next project, or it was going to be.  I need to fabricate a cover for the fuel pump so I was doing a little measuring and realized I don't have a piece of aluminum big enough, nor do I have enough carbon fiber to make a cover.  Guess I will be doing some ordering soon.  :-)
Ok, one more picture of the fuselage paint after I removed the plastic and paper masking.