Sunday, April 20, 2014

Electrifying week

So this week I didn't actually spend as much time in the garage as I usually do.  I spent a large portion of my airplane time sitting at the computer working on my wiring diagrams.  I am at the point where I need to start running wires and I don't know what wires I have to run so I sat down and finished up my electrical plan.  That includes the switches and all of the lights, both interior and exterior.

I also had a bit of great news from SteinAir, my avionics have arrived in their shop!  They have me on a list to build the wiring harnesses so it will be a bit until I actually see them but I'm one step closer!  I don't think I have listed what all is included on this blog so ...

GDU 460 - EFIS.  This is the display screen you see in the pictures below.  This also includes the ADAHRS modules (for flight data), engine monitoring module, and the magnetometer for magnetic heading.

GTR-20 remote communication radio.  This is the main radio I will use to communicate.
GTX-23 remote transponder.  This tells radar towers where I am and what altitude.
GDL-39R ADSB.  This is a new gadget that gives me current weather and traffic information while I am in the air.
GNS400- This is a precision WAAS GPS that can be used for IFR.  I don't have my IFR rating yet but I plan on getting it as soon as possible after the plane is flying.
Heated Pitot with Angle of Attack.  This is a new stall warning system.

I did get a few things done on the airplane ... see below.

If you look closely in the middle of the picture you will see my Vertical Power VPX installed under the front deck.  Below it you can see the rudder pedals if that helps to orient your view a little.  This picture was taken from the front of the airplane where the engine will be ... soon.

I went ahead and installed the instrument panel again.  This time I riveted the frame in for good because I need to fabricate those two side pieces.  More on that in the next couple of pictures but its starting to come together again.

Ok, see that little piece of aluminum in the lower left corner of the instrument panel?  It has the vent "eyeball" installed in this picture but that little bugger took me almost all day Saturday to get fabricated and installed correctly!  Actually I started on it Friday evening and spent the majority of that time standing around himing and hawing about what I wanted it to look like.  In the end I am very happy with how it turned out.  The one on the other side didn't take nearly as long but it still took a couple of hours to fabricate.

Oh yea, Easter dinner was in there somewhere...

I also managed to get the vent hoses installed on both sides.  Its not hooked up right now because I had to remove the metal brackets I fabricated (the ones with the vent "eyeball's") to be powder coated.

Here is the corner bracket after I drilled the hole for the auxiliary power port.  One of these on the other side as well.

And this little dude is my fuse panel.  This is actually the auxiliary avionics bus, battery bus, and accessories bus.  I took a page from my friend Jeff's airplane and put it on a hinge so I can drop it down for accessibility.  Oh, I also powder coated it and once again my job of powder coating sux!  I spent at least 4 hours on this dude!  It started life as a .090 piece of aluminum, which is rather heavy, so I had to drill a bunch of "lightening" holes in it.  

Finally I installed the cockpit lighting in the side panels.  One on each side to shine light into your lap or on the instrument panel if needed.  I also bought two of these to install in the baggage compartment but I didn't get around to installing those yet.  You will notice if you look closely that the eyeball part of these lights swivels around.