Saturday, April 12, 2014

No more porcupine!

Ah, I know its only Saturday but I have been off this week and the pictures are starting to stack up so I thought I better post an update.  I actually feel like I made progress in the past couple of days.  Travis came over yesterday and we riveted the aft top skins on, and we riveted the ADSB and Transponder antenna doublers to the fuseage.  Lots of other updates in the pictures below.

Oh, big news, my wheels came back from Antisplat Aero all balanced and sealed bearings!  No packing of wheel bearings for me!  I also ordered and received the Nosejob which you can see in the picture.  They also included a nice hat as well.

Look Ma, no cleco's.  Here it is all riveted together.  

Now that the top skins are riveted on I was able to install the seat belt anchors on both sides.

Here you can see both anchors and the plywood platform I was using to do the riveting and other tasks in the aft end.

This is the ADSB antenna.  Its not tightened down yet because I don't have any star washers for the bolts.   The ADSB antenna will allow me to get weather and traffic information while in flight.   The other side of the fuselage is another antenna that looks exactly the same but its for the transponder.

This is the antenna doubler for the ADSB antenna.  You can see the antenna connection coming up through the midddle.

This is the same doubler but for the transponder antenna.

I bought a sand blaster from harbor freight that I used today to remove the powder coating from the battery box before I run it through the powder coating process again.

And speaking of battery box.... here it is after I powder coated it and hung it on the firewall.  I had to drop the battery in just to see if it fit.  I think its just fine.  You can also see the first hole I drilled through the firewall for wire pass-through.  Look at the top left of the firewall.  I will be installing the pass-through tomorrow.