Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First week of flying...14.1 on the Hobbs

Most of you probably know this already but a Hobbs meter is simply a device that measures in hours how long the engine has run.  So that means I am 14.1 hours into my required 40 hours of solo flight testing.  I would love to say that I am simply ecstatic about the whole thing but I will have to settle for just a simple happy.  I have two issues that are bothering me.  First is the engine, it is not developing full power.  There is still plenty of power for safe operation for this aircraft but its not what I expected to have.  I am having conversations with various experts and am hopeful that this will get resolved soon.

The second issue is a "heavy" wing.  That simply means one wing is developing more lift than the other so the airplane wants to turn to the left all the time.  Yesterday afternoon Jeff and I were discussing this with another builder who brought up something that triggered a memory in Jeff.  We now have a plan of action that should help alleviate this issue.  I will know more soon.

Despite the issues above I have been having a lot of fun flying this airplane!

A new view for me.  Mt Rainier from about 8500' altitude.

I had to post these next two pictures here.  I am really proud of how this little modification worked out.  With my three bladed prop I had to extend the "slot" I cut down the bottom of the cowling to allow the nose gear leg to move forward as I lower the cowling during removal.  That slot was a big opening so I fabricated this little fiberglass "door" which has a hinge on both sides.  When its time to remove the cowl I simply pull the pin from one side and swing the door over as you see in this picture.  

Here is the door closed.  Nice and smooth transition!

I've spent a lot of time at the airport you see in the distance.  This is Chehalis airport and right now they have the cheapest fuel in the area.