Sunday, September 6, 2015

Take two...or is that TEN?

So today should mark the beginning of the next phase of airplane building for me.  As I mentioned in my last post I am going to build an RV-10 and last week Dad and I drove down to Van's to pick up the Empennage kit.  This kit is much larger than the 9A kit was.  Not only is the tail much larger but this kit also includes the tail cone which is essentially the aft half of the fuselage.  So, yesterday and today I am cleaning and reorganizing the garage to once again become an aircraft building sanctuary. Turns out that is a little harder than anticipated since the garage has collected a few extra items (kids home from college).

Here it is, the tail of an RV-10 piled on the floor of the soon to be reawakened airplane factory.

And this is my first RV-10 cut...didn't even make it out of Van's factory before I snagged my hand on some aluminum....

Oh God!  Where do I start.....I think I have a workbench and tools buried in there somewhere....
Ok, first I had to find my way to my work bench...that required moving a lot of stuff.  Then I spent a little time building this new jig for straightening flanges on ribs.  Came out looking pretty good I think.  You will see more of this later when I actually start working on the airplane.

And at the end of the day not only could I see my bench but I also managed to build the parts bin holder that you see below the table top.  Oh, I got two cars into the garage as well.  Maybe I will get to start working on the airplane soon!