Monday, December 28, 2015

KPLU to KPWT...the long route

Today was the first time in a long time that Harry, Jeff and I got a chance to do some flying together.  The original plan was to head south to Oregon but the weather down there wasn't really conducive to that so we planned for Yakima.  After takeoff Jeff was monitoring weather over in the Yakima valley and guess what?  Yep the weather went marginal over there.  We decided to head south and just fly around a bit and eventually wander over to Bremerton for some lunch.

We had a bit of excitement trying to land at Bremerton as there was a Cessna that wasn't really interested in playing along with the rest of us in the pattern, nor did he seem interested in talking on the radio.  So after a couple of 360 degree turns, lots of chatter about where he was, and even a go around we managed to get all three of us down on the runway.

After a good lunch we decided to follow Harry around the north end of Seattle, over the Snoqualmie Falls, and then back down to Puyallup where it seems everybody with an airplane had decided it was time to fly as well.  Fun!

Upon landing Jeff hopped into my airplane and we did an IFR approach into Tacoma Narrows, then the GPS back into KPLU.  We put away my airplane and then hopped in his airplane to do the same circuit with him at the controls.  We both agreed that we need to do this type of thing at least once a month to keep proficient!

Not many pictures of the day but I did get some video...haven't had much luck posting videos here so I have posted a link on Dropbox for those who want to see the flight.

Jeff, Harry and me sitting on the tarmac at Bremerton.