Sunday, April 3, 2016

3 Weeks in a row!

Can you believe it?  This will be my 3rd week in a row that I have posted something on this would almost believe I was back in build mode.  I guess in a way I am since I still don't have an airplane to fly.  I do however have a hangar to work on and friends with airplanes that need passengers.  :-)

This week I got a lot of time to work on the horizontal stabilizer on the 10.  A few pictures below and its coming along nicely.  Its much easier to do this the second time around...still very time consuming with tons of detail work, but I spend far less time standing around scratching my head wondering what something should look like.

I also got some time in the hangar today.  I managed to get the drywall up on both sides of the hangar and I even put a coat of mud on the seams.  Maybe next week I will be able to start doing some painting.  I have the back half of the hangar to work on yet but this section alone should really help brighten things up.

Oh, one more thing.  I flew with Chad and Harry down to Mulina airport for mexican food yesterday.  I rode down with Chad which was great since I haven't been in his plane before.  I rode back with Harry and realized its been a long time since I have flown in the rocket...nice treat.  :-)  By the way, the mexican restaurant had great steak Quesadilla's.

Ok, on with the show...

Priming the spars and associated spar caps.

More spar parts for the horizontal stabilizer being primed.

Starting to cleco things together after riveting the spars together.
A picture of Chad landing at KPLU for our flight to Mulino Oregon.
Chad doing his runup as we get ready to leave Mulino

This is an interesting picture of Harry watching Chad as we flew in a very loose formation.

Another picture of Chad...this one didn't focus very well.

Ah.  Here is Greg's airplane with its shiny new paint job!  Beautiful airplane.

The new drywall is up on the East wall of the Hangar...

Drywall and mud up on the West wall.  I did get the East wall taped and mudded but didn't take a picture of that.
And just so we can remember what it looked like just a short couple of weeks ago...