Monday, April 11, 2016

Lack of oxygen

This week I have three big topics for discussion.  First is the Hangar,  the front part is pretty much done except for lots of clean up and rearranging of existing tool/furniture.  Now I can start on the back section.

The RV-10 got a little time this week as well. I was able to prime the parts which means lots of dimpling, deburring and scuffing.  It's time to start the final assembly for riveting.

Finally I flew with Jeff down to Aurora Oregon yesterday.  We met Chad Hankins there and went through the FAA's Oxygen deprivation chamber.  Essentially they put you into a tent that is very low on oxygen and then let you see what flying up very high without oxygen will do to your body.  It was amazing the number of different reactions that we humans have.  In the group before us there was a gentleman who almost seemed to pass out but was still somewhat responsive.  I felt pretty dizzy with odd vision but my oxygen content never dropped below 70% so that was about all I felt.  Jeff looked like he was affected and they had him do a few extra tasks to make sure he was doing well but he was able to do them all.  He didn't remember doing one of them when we got out which was interesting.  All in all the training was well worth the trip.

The flight down to Aurora was awesome to say the least.  Jeff filed IFR and we got some great actual "in the clouds" time and finally feel like all the money we spent on training and equipment to get us ready was worth it.  We would not have been able to make the trip if we didn't go IFR.

Finally the RV-9 is still in the paint shop.  I talked to the owner and they ran into issues with another job so it looks like I won't be getting the airplane back until the end of the month.  Disappointing to be sure....but I guess these things happen and I want to make sure they do a good job on my airplane.

Paint is on the walls.  Not perfect because there was a slight color difference between the two gallons of paint...

West side of the hangar complete...almost

The sea of clouds as we broke out headed South to Aurora for the oxygen deprivation chamber.  If you look close you can see the tops of the olympics in the distance.

The sea of clouds on Jeff's side..oh and Jeff is in there too.  ;-)

Ever seen a round rainbow?  I was trying to get a picture of it but it didn't show up as bright in the camera.

Islands in the sea.

Tried to do a Pano on the return trip.  Prop looks kinda odd.

Oh yes, the RV-10.  Still working on the horizontal stabilizer.  The parts are all primed and almost ready for reassembly.