Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alvord Desert 2016

Last weekend I flew to the Alvord desert in south east Oregon with Harry, Jeff, Chad, Becca, and about 20 other FATPNW people.  We met up with Scott and his wife in Burns during fuel up and flew into the desert in a group of 5 airplanes.  I have a video that I am going to have to figure out how to publish here some day.... EDIT... Here is the video..

The pin marks the spot on the map where the Alvord desert is.  Technically its a dry lake bed and in Google maps it shows it as a lake but as you can see from the pictures below its far from a lake this time of year.  

Stopping for fuel in Burns Oregon

Jeff doing his pre flight run up at Burns

Harry doing his preflight run up at Burns
As usual Jeff got a great shot of me as I taxied over to the camping area after landing

Stepping out of the airplane at the desert

Pano of the airplanes that had arrived before us

Here we are and look at the clouds on the horizon

Early morning picture of the camp site

Jeff flying his drone. Those "glasses" on his head allow him to see what the drone is doing through a camera on the drone itself.  Very cool.

Oh yea, I had to throw this one in there but its actually a Harry special Pina Colada that we indulged in the day after we arrived.