Wednesday, August 24, 2016

RV-10 Engine teardown

This past weekend I began the process of tearing the O-540 engine I bought down.  From my inexperienced perspective it looks like this engine is in great shape.

left side of the engine.  I am going to have to replace at least one of these drain back tubes.

right side of engine.  Another drainback tube is going to have to be replaced on this side

A quick pic of the accessory case before I started pulling it all apart

Cylinders removed.  Pistons look pretty normal to me.  No hotspots on the valves in the cylinders either.  Visually it looks like this engine could have gone another 2000 hours!

A few of the piston pins had some buildup on them that required me to use the piston pin removal tool.  You can see it attached to #5.

Another view of the piston  pin removal tool.

A few shots of the cam, cam followers and crankshaft follow....

Camshaft has no spalling I can see and the case looks great from my inexperience perspective.

Crankshaft looks good in there!

Not sure what it takes to get this darn oil pressure adjustment cover off but it takes more than I have currently.

Huge pile of parts.  Oh, and one coffee cup.  :-)

Piston on the left is after cleaning it up, the one on the right still has all the crusting on it.

I can't believe how big these piston pins are!  They weigh a pound or two and are solid steel.  I took this picture to try and give some perspective.

All thats left is the block with its internals (Crankshaft, Camshaft, cam followers, lifters).  I put the desiccant material under the plastic bag and then wrapped it up to prevent any dust and debris from getting inside while I wait to send it out for inspection.