Sunday, November 12, 2017

Main Spar work

This week Amy came home so I spent a little less time in the garage and a little more time with her.  Not too many pictures this week because I've been doing a lot of main wing spar and related parts prep.  This means lots of deburring, countersinking, priming, and many other un-picture friendly tasks.  I did try something new this week though.  I have to prime the large countersunk holes in the main spar to protect the freshly cut aluminum.  Rather than try to brush or spray with my regular priming tools I decided to try a detail air brush.  I was amazed at how nicely this works for small spot priming tasks.  I used very little primer and got a nice thin layer of primer on each hole.

I managed to get all 30 wing ribs prep'd for primer this weekend.  Drilling, deburring, edge straightening and scuffing...long weekend.  I only got half the ribs primed Sunday evening so I will have to have at least one or two more priming sessions before I can move on to the wing skins.

This is a picture of the primed countersunk holes where I used the air brush.  You can see the nice even spray pattern around the hole.
Using the de-burring wheel on my p-grinder to clean up some edges and holes.  There are 30 of these little devils to work on.  These ribs alone took most of the weekend.

Using the tool I built last year to true up the edges to 90 degrees.  
A few of the ribs ready for some touch up priming.