Sunday, November 5, 2017

final tail cone details....I think

This week I have been doing a few little chores in the tail cone.  Things like install the static ports, ventilation ducts, and ELT mount. Then I loaded the entire tail cone into the back of the truck and took it to the hangar in Puyallup where it will stay until I need to attach it to the fuselage...probably at least a year from now. 

On a side note it started snowing already this year.  We have about 3" inches of snow on the deck last time I looked.  Crazy weather.

Glued in and taped so it doesn't move until the epoxy sets up.
Here it is from the outside.

Both static ports are epoxy glued in and being held in place by the wooden sticks.
Tail cone "stored" in the overhead at the hangar until I need it again.  Thanks to Harry for helping me get this thing hung up there.

And now the wings begin.  These are the main spars, an aft spar and some other misc wing parts.  The wings on the 10 are a bit bigger than the wings on the 9 so its going to get tight in this little work shop.  I may have to take my divider wall down to get enough room to work on both wings at the same time.
Just for fun I thought I would throw this one in.  This is a picture from my security camera after dark.  I do have an LED light in the corner that is showing the light you see.