Monday, March 12, 2018

Fuselage is in the house!

Big week this post!  Amy took a little vacation with her mother so I decided to take the week off myself.  I have lots to do and this seemed like a good time to get some of it done.

Leading off the week was my trip to Oregon to pick up my fuselage kit.  Its here but still not inventoried since I don't really have a place to store all the loose parts.  The kit comes in small "packages" of parts that once unwrapped need to be stored.  I have 30 days to do the inventory and I hope thats enough.  After 30 days I guess its on my own dime if a part is missing.

I also started the annual inspection on the RV-9 this week.  I changed out my spark plugs, did the compression tests, and pretty much finished the engine "group".  I also replaced my brake pads on both wheels while I was doing the undercarriage.  There was still a lot of pad left but I had ordered the parts so I figured it was a good time to do it.  I also finished most of the cabin group and that included finishing the heated seat wiring as well as machining a shim that took up a little of the design slack in the aileron linkage.  Overall things are looking good but I still need to finish the tunnel as well as the wings.

Finally, I sealed up the left fuel tank.  The rear baffle is in and now I have to let it sit for a week or two so the Proseal can cure.  Then its leak test time.

This is the storage location for the cabin cover.  It took far too much time to rig up a safe way to hoist that up and then secure it.

Left fuel tank with vent line installed. 

Left fuel tank with rear baffle in place.  Still no rivets but there is a cleco in every hole!

Same as the picture above but from a side view.