Sunday, November 25, 2018

Section 28

I am finished with section 27 which is the Firewall section.  There are still a few things to do such as the heater boxes need to be bolted on but I'm still thinking I might buy some stainless steel boxes to replace the aluminum version's that Vans includes in the kit.  Still not sure on that one but in any case its just a quick bolt on.

I jumped ahead a bit to the brakes section.  The plans tell you that its ok to jump ahead and do the brake lines that run down the tunnel at this time so I went ahead and started that process.  It reminded me of why I went with braided lines for the 9A...bending tubing is a bit of a bugger!  I got one side done but will likely redo it as I'm not 100% happy with the way it turned out.

Lastly I got my sump back from Divco last week.  I primed it this weekend and I now have everything I need to assemble the engine.  My only hold back is that once its assembled its going to be pretty darn big and I'm running out of room to store stuff! 

In my office I have a huge box with windows, the overhead console and the center console as well as a few odds and ends.  In the work area of the garage I have the instrument panel, the various pieces of the fuselage, and who knows what else...its getting tight!

Oh yea, I forgot that I had drilled the cotter pin holes in the two wheel pant standoffs that I turned last week...I had to buy a centering jig and then find a way to "clamp" it to the standoff.  A hose-clamp worked out nicely.

Right down the center of the hole!

Lots of RV-10 parts sitting in my office waiting their chance to get installed. 

Firewall all cleco'd together with Firebarrier 2000+ (the grey stuff) to prevent any carbon monoxide gases from getting into the cabin.

Same thing, other side.

New parking brake mount installed. (the black part on the left side of the photo.  This is the part I created with my CNC.
Here is the parking brake valve installed and the left side brake line attached.  I still need one more fitting for the right side brake line and that should arrive later this week from Aircraft Spruce.