Monday, August 31, 2020

The engine is hung!

Fast and Furious is the best way to describe the pace of major updates in the build process.  Its only been a little over a week (ok, maybe two) since getting her up on her gear and now there has been another big milestone!  The engine is hung!

I've spent the past several work sessions trying to get the firewall as complete as possible because once the engine is hung access is severely restricted.  I managed to get everything that I could think of done but I guarantee you that I forgot something that will cause me endless cursing before this thing flies!  

Last Friday I took the day off and Amy and I drove to Oregon to pick up my engine from Jim at Premier Aircraft Engines.  Talk about great work!  This engine looks great and Jim and his team went over and above to make sure it was safe and reliable.  Highly recommended.  After the debacle I had with Avian in Bremerton it was a great relief to have such a great experience!

Anyway, on with the pictures!

A picture of the work crew responsible for all required help!  Harry as usual was there to assist in wresting this beast into position. 

Oh yea...I was there too.  :-)