Monday, June 14, 2021

The last N88DA build phase (planned) update

As the title says I expect this to be the last update on the build phase for N88DA.  This past week I have managed (with lots of help) to get all of the build phase tasks complete.  That list includes things like resolving the leak on the oil filter adapter.  That leak turned out to be an interesting one...the oil filter housing itself had a microscopic crack near the upper outboard bolt hole.  The only way to see it was to watch it very closely with a light and a mirror when oil pressure came up.  Then you could see it seep out of what looked like a tiny line about 1/8" long and very thin.  After replacing the oil filter adapter the oil leak was gone!

In addition I was able to finish up the wing tips, wire up the landing, position, strobe lights and get all of the required bulkheads and fairings installed.  Last Sunday I took her out to the runway (first time moving on her own power!) and did a brake burn in.  That was a bit challenging because I did not want the CHT's to exceed 350 degrees.  I sure wish I had recorded the run because that 540 really sounds amazing and is soooo smooth.  Can't wait to run it up for the first flight.

So, if all goes as planned this is it....its on to phase 1 and flight testing.  That's certainly not the end of the build process though...there are hundreds of hours of finish work ahead so stay tuned.  Besides...I'm already planning my next build.... ;-)

I will leave you with this photo...its N88DA as she sits waiting for first flight!