Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pop goes the air compressor

Yep, the title says it all, but I am getting ahead of myself.  I started this weekend with the intention of getting all of the priming done, and hopefully getting the vertical stabilizer riveted together.  I also wanted to get started on the rudder so that I could get the trailing edge epoxied up and drying while I am in Portland this week.  So, after checking on my priming job from the night before (which turned out great by the way) I started out Saturday morning cutting rudder skin stiffeners using sheet metal shears and a scotchbrite wheel on my grinder.  After getting them all cut down to size it was time to dimple, debur and scuff the rudder parts up for primer.  I wanted to wait on doing the back side of the VS parts until I had the rudder parts ready to go so that I would only have to do one round of priming.  It took a long time but I finally got the parts primed and just as an experiment I decided to prime the inside of the rudder skins with the left over 7220 primer (self etching).  I don't want to use the eco primer because it requires a lot of prep work that involves the acid etching spray.  That spray require pressure washing to remove it and since I still have the protective plastic on the skins I didn't want to leave any excess under the plastic.  The 7220 worked pretty well but I don't think I will continue this process.

I need to add that I inspected the work on my vertical stabilizer and found it safe for operation so I started the task of riveting it closed.

Sunday morning I decided it was time to create some type of priming apparatus that would allow me to prime both side of a part and keep it up off of my bench.  You can see the results in the photo's below.  It seems to work great so far.  After the priming it was time to get busy putting the VS back together and riveting it.  That went pretty good until about 3 pm at which time my air compressor seized up and would not restart.  So, off to home depot I went to purchase a new air compressor.  I'm not that sad about the whole thing since this allowed me to buy an oiled compressor with a belt drive that is MUCH quieter than my previous compressor.  Pretty much the rest of the evening was then taken up with some much neglected tasks such as getting an oil change in the car and putting in a new timer switch for the front porch light.

Anyway, this week I won't get to do much work on the airplane so don't expect any updates until next Thursday and even then I may not get time to work until this time next week!  Why is life interfering with my hobbies!?!

Laying the rudder skin stiffeners out for trimming.  Yes there is a problem here but not many people will be able to see it. :-)

My new painting rack.  High tech to be sure.

This is as far as I got on the VS before the air compressor seized up on me.  That pink string on the top is my way of ensuring that the whole thing doesn't tip over while I am working on it.  That would sure ruin a day!

My new air compressor doing its required 30 minute break in run.

My work station.  If you look at the top of the picture you can see where I hid the horizontal stab after it was completed. You can also see my plans hanging from the garage door track in my home build plans holder.