Thursday, April 18, 2013

We go vertical!

Tonight Travis came over again and we got some serious time in on the Vertical Stabilizer (VS).  We cleco'd everything together, match drilled all the holes took it all back apart and started the tedious process of deburring, dimpling, filing and finally getting ready for primer.  I ordered some of the correct "etching" solution and also some of the manufacturers cleaning solution so I am going to give the EkoPrimer/sealer another try.  If it doesn't work this time then I guess I don't have the skills to lay it down properly.  I know it works because other builders have used it so I am confident that I can make it work.  Anyway that should all happen tomorrow.

Today I also finally made contact with a technical counselor from the EAA.  I tried several numbers and interestingly enough most were disconnected.  Finally I emailed a couple of fellow builders that are either almost done or are done and got some good information from them.  My last call finally found somebody able to help out.  I'm really interested to talk more with this guy because he has built a couple of RV's and has spend significant time working on (and flying I think) old Mustang war birds.  He send me some pictures that I will post if he gives me permission.

Travis clecoing the skin to the VS frame