Friday, April 5, 2013

Tools can make (or break) the day

So last night was just a repeat of the previous couple of nights as I worked on the left side of the horizontal stabilizer.  However even though I have no new pictures to show I did want to say that I had a couple of tool "ah ha" moments last night.  First I read on a couple of other builders blogs that they used an electric screwdriver to debur all the match drilled holes.  Last night I stopped by good ole' Home Depot and purchased a 4 volt Ryobi cordless screwdriver to test out their claim.  OMG!  It made the deburring process so much easier!

Ok, that's the good news regarding tools.  Now the bad.  My 13 year old air compressor shut down on me last night.  I think it overheated because it tripped the breaker.  I went down and looked at it and it was a little warm but not overly so so I went back upstairs, reset the breaker, and it started back up.  I was able to finish the work I was doing but I think a new compressor is in my future.  Probably going to go with an oil version so its quieter.

Finally, I have been playing with using time-lapse photography to document this process.  I have got a few evenings of work recorded so far and when I have time I will put it all together so you can "watch me work".  I have to find the best way to host it first.