Monday, June 17, 2013

Air pump

I have another update for today.  I just ordered the prop for the new engine.  I called and talked to Craig Catto from Catto propellers and he has a new generation of three blade props coming out that has some significant low end improvements and a slight top end improvement in performance.  It has not been announced yet but since I wont need it until next year he is putting me down for the new version.  He also mentioned that they have an option to match a Van's spinner to the prop and have it drilled correctly.  I think that will be a must when the time comes.

He also mentioned a couple of items I will need.  Either a 2.25 inch or a 4 inch prop extension and he suggested ordering it from Sam Tillman at Saber Manufacturing.  Finally he mentioned a guy who owns a 9a with a similar configuration that is testing the new prop.  I'm not going to post the name but I am going to do a little research and talk to him about the prop/engine combination.