Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things get sticky

Not much posting going on around here lately but that's because there hasn't been much new to post about.  That changed today.  For the past week or so I have been prepping the left fuel tank so that I could seal both fuel tanks at the same time.  This morning I reached that point and it was time to break out the Pro-Seal or more commonly known as "Black Death".  This is a very sticky sealant that is a two part mixture.  It is used for various tasks such as sealing up a fuel tank.  I will say my first experience with the stuff was not as bad as I expected but man is that stuff sticky!  All I managed to get done today was to install the lower tank stiffeners, the drain flange, and the fuel inlet flange.  This week I hope to get all the ribs set and possibly be ready to seal up the tanks by installing the rear baffle next weekend.

fuel tank skin with stiffeners installed and sealed.  You can see the black "fillet" around each one if you look closely.

fuel inlet sealed.  No rivets yet because I am using a process that has me let it set up for a day or two before pulling the cleco's and riveting.  Its suppose to be less messy that way.

fuel inlet from the outside.

Other fuel tank skin with stiffeners, fuel inlet and drain flange sealed.

Electronic scale sealed in a zip loc bag.  I used this to measure the two parts of the pro-seal.

Rivets of various sizes in these cups for cleaning with MEK.

"Black Death"